A fusion of culture

From Italy to Dubai and from Lebanon to Belgium, we offer our customers the opportunity to travel the world of chocolate.

A little bit of Europe
Mixed with a little bit of Qatar

Our Chocolate line


Our specially created range of wrapped chocolates are a true taste of luxury.

Buono Select

At Buono we have designed a delicate handmade collection using the finest ingredients.

Bespoke Range

We offer our customers a real boutique experience within our branches by sourcing the world.

Chocolate Nuts

Being founded in Qatar we understand the importance of chocolate and nuts.

Signature Design

We believe that Buono Chocolates is truly the place
“Where Chocolate meets art”.
From luxurious chocolate designs to exciting flower arrangements to that unique gift for a special occasion.


Due to the quality of our products and service we have quickly become a trusted partner for the corporate sector.

Our highly dedicated and professional corporate team have established relationships and contracts with some of the largest organizations in Qatar.

No matter how large or small your corporate requirements are you can trust Buono to deliver the finest service in Qatar.